Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapists have a very specific function.  Their job is predominantly involves structured care programs that facilitate the recovery of a patient at home.  He or she will also teach the patient self-care skills and coping skills with consideration to their injury or disability.

You will be aided to adapt in your living or work environment as you recover from an illness or an injury or if you just moved and is new to a place or residence.  Occupational Therapy includes:

  • Home Safety and Hazard Awareness
  • Promote improvement in daily living activities
  • Energy Conservation
  • Posture Correction and Fall Prevention
  • Education in the use of Prosthetics

Occupational Therapy may be the best choice for you or your family member.  Please contact Team Nurses Home Health Services, Inc. to get advice on the most suitable care plan for your health conditions.

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